Who am I?

I'm a dreamer, a visionary, a girl who see the beauty in every little things.

I'm such a chatterbox. I have just got too much to say, and that's the reason!

The reason why I started to make video. The perfect way for me to say everything I had to say, to show the beauty as I could see.

Making video allows me to tell and share a story. People can see the moving images and can listen to that noise, the noise of life.

Silvia at New York

First Class with Honours bachelor degree in Art Technology at the Venice’s Arts Academy with a dissertation on movie trailers aimed at assessing the psychological mechanism followed in marketing new movie to the audience.

I was granted a European Scholarship to study Photography and Video at De Montfort University, Leicester (UK) as part of the Erasmus Programme. It allowed me to have hands-on experience using advanced technologies.